Washer and Dryer

Washer Dryer Service Available in Columbus, OH?

Preventing Laundry Pileups

W ith the accessibility of modern technology, most homeowners today now own a washing and drying unit and use it on a regular basis. They’re convenient and save you from hours of manual labor – a convenience you may take for granted until it breaks down and leaves you with an overwhelming problem. Rather than allowing your dirty laundry to pile up, call Capital City Appliance Service to quickly evaluate and address the issue.

General Servicing on Washers and Dryers

If your washing or drying unit has gone out of commission, don’t replace it until you consult with us. Repairs are generally more affordable than complete replacements. We are able to perform just about any service your units may require. Our skilled technicians are trained to detect the source of the breakdown rather than suggesting a temporary fix that will lead to more repairs down the road. Our solutions will prevent your units from malfunctioning in the future. Less repairs over the lifetime of a machine will save you money.
A washer & dryer in need of our services in Columbus, OH

When to Call Us

There are several indicators that your machines may need servicing. If your washing machine won’t spin, drain or even turn on, it is time to call us. Additionally, you may notice excessive vibration, leaking, spots on clothes or soap residue, which are all indicators that your washing machine needs to be serviced. Your dryer will exhibit signs of disrepair by leaving your clothes damp, overheating or not spinning.

When these issues occur, we will provide you with a diagnosis and an affordable solution. In the event that your unit requires a new part, we can supply most parts and replacements at a fair price, such as thermostats, heating coils, hoses, timers, belts and more.

Get in Touch

There’s no need to lament the loss of your washer or dryer. The next time you experience troubles with your washer or dryer, contact the experienced team in Columbus, Ohio, who is eagerly awaiting your call and ready to help you take back control of your laundry room.
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