Refrigerator Service in Columbus, Ohio

Consider This

H ave you ever considered how much refrigerators do to protect your family’s health? They keep your food within a safe temperature zone so it’s safe to eat when you’re ready for it. Can you imagine life without a refrigerator? Having to buy food every day because there’s no way to preserve it for the next day would be an extreme inconvenience.

The Smart Solution

That’s why we provide our customers with professional refrigerator repair services to make your life a little easier. When your refrigerator stops keeping your food cold, give us a call. Otherwise, you may end up falling ill from spoiled food or losing money on the produce stored in your refrigerator.
A refrigerator after our repair in Columbus, OH
Fortunately for you, the technicians at Capital City Appliance Service are very familiar with refrigerators and the problems they often encounter. Our friendly team is capable of fixing any kind of refrigerator and any problem, quickly and efficiently. Whether your refrigerator needs new parts or general service, we’ll take care of it. We have you covered, offering everything from repairs to maintenance.

Durable Refrigerator Parts

Capital City Appliance Service is a distributor of reliable refrigerator parts. Everything from water filters and ice maker components to door switches and seals, we have the units you need for a functional refrigerator.

Refrigerator Rescue

If you begin to notice problems with your refrigerator, such as a faulty thermostat or a broken cooling unit, give us a call. Our capable hands have the skills and parts necessary to bring your refrigerator back to life.
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