Compactor Service in Columbus, Ohio

T aking out the trash is a dirty job that no one really likes to do. If you have a compactor, it’s likely that you have a goal to reduce the number of times you have to drag your trash out to the curb. Trash compactors are delightfully convenient in significantly decreasing the total volume of your waste, both in the trash can and the landfill.

When your trash compactor gives you trouble, turn to the experienced appliance technicians of Capital City Appliance Service. We’ll provide you with a simple solution at an affordable price.

All Trash Compactor Types

Our versatile team has experience working on various trash compactors types, such as freestanding, under-the-counter and convertible compactors. No matter which kind you have in your kitchen, it’s no match for our dedicated repairmen.

Trash Compactor Troubles

It’s likely that during the time that you own a trash compactor, it will encounter at least one problem. When used heavily, it might experience problems such as the drawer not opening, a bad smell, noisy operation and even failure to compact garbage.

You can help your compactor meet the demands of your household by scheduling maintenance services with Capital City Appliance Service. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. Our experts will restore your trash compactor to its peak performance
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